www.Facebook.ca with login welcome homepage for new users & farmville

Network Community

Facebook is a social networking website that can be reached from anywhere in the world. Canada’s version is located at www.facebook.ca. When people arrive at this website, they are met at the home page with the opportunity to create their own, free accounts. The sign up form is located on the right side of the page where it asks for a little information about the client. After the information has been entered, all that has to be done is click on the “Sign Up” button. From then on, clients will only need to enter their email addresses and the passwords they created to log into their accounts. Now that people are associated with Facebook, they can always be connected with it even when they are not online; Facebook gives people the capability to access their accounts through their mobile phones.

The point of creating an account with facebook.ca, is for people to have a place to share whatever they like with friends. Facebook makes it easy for their clients to find the people they know who are already members of this site. Once people have created their accounts, they will find the “Find Friends” link at the top of their pages. Then they can connect with their friends and share pictures, videos and news with them. Families also find facebook.ca to be a convenient way to keep everybody connected with each other.

This website can also be used for business. Underneath the sign up form, people will find a link labeled, “Create a Page”. This is where people can create Facebook pages for celebrities, bands and businesses. The page is an opportunity for a business owner to showcase what the business has to offer. For example, someone who sells shoes can create a page where they can place photographs of the shoes they have for sale. If anyone is interested in purchasing, links to the store’s website conveniently take customers where they need to go to do so.


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