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www.facebook.co.uk is arguably the largest social networking website on the internet. It was developed in 2003 by a student programmer at Harvard University as a networking site exclusively for Harvard students. Shortly after its success there, it spread to the other Ivy League universities. Since then, facebook.co.uk has spread across the entire globe. It is no longer exclusive to college students; anyone is free to create an account and join a network. Facebook boasts over 500 million users and is accessible from even the most remote countries.

Facebook allows users to log on, create a personal profile, and join a social network. Users are allowed to upload basic information about themselves: their name, where they work, what school they attend, what town the live in, etc. Users can then look up others and find those with similar backgrounds and interests. Individuals are allowed to make friends with other users and post their relationship status with each other. Friend lists are available for public viewing.

The social infrastructure of facebook is its main draw. One individual can look up another and view his or her friends and social networks. They might have friends in common, and choose to become friends themselves. Large social networks can be developed through facebook in ways that might not be possible upon in person. One can join a social network exclusive to his or her college, workplace, or church group, and interact with others in the same network.

Pictures can be uploaded into digital albums for online viewing. People love to upload photos from parties, adventures, trips and vacations, and other events. It's easy to catch with friends who have fallen out-of-touch by sending a message to their facebook account and viewing their recent photo albums. For those concerned about privacy, photo viewings can be restricted to friends and family only. Since its development, facebook has revolutionized networking and has enormous potential for bringing people together.


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