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Network Community

The site www.facebook.co.nz is an incredible social networking site that was up and running in February of 2004. As of now, it has grown to become a force to be reckoned with thanks to its community that is well over 600 million users. The list of features that are offered will include users ability to create a personal account, add and request a lot of other users to be friends, send and read private messages, and post wall posts. One of the most appreciated features that is considered amazing is the notification system. Whenever something is received, every user will instantly be notified.

Every user is also capable of joining common interest groups, college or school, organized by workplace, or a lot of other characteristics. To protect vulnerable children from being exploited in any kind of way, this site will only allow someone that is at the age of 13 to join as a registered user. For parents, this is unquestionably a benefit that belongs on the list of "reasons to join." Facebook offers every user a great way to stay in touch with long-distance friends and (or) to communicate with family on a fun, fast platform. Talking through private messages and wall posts are not the only ways for communicating. With the use of this awesome site, every user has the option of sending and receiving instant messages.

Apart from that, the other benefits are advertising and playing games. There are a lot of amazing fun games that are capable of satisfying any user of any age. With one quick, easy search, finding a lot of different games that interest you the most will be just as easy as doing a quick search for a user that you would love to add as a friend. As for the feature of advertising, it is integrated into every user account, so promoting a webpage and (or) personal business is easier than you can imagine.


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