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Facebook.us is a social networking website where people can go to connect with friends and family. It is a very popular site, one of the most if not the most popular social networking sites. It was started for college students but has grown tremendously and is used by many people. Signing up for www.facebook.us is very simple. A profile is created with your name and password, and as little or as much information as the person prefers to put on there. Then people can search for friends and family and add them as friends. For someone to be added as a friend they must be approved by the other person first. Once friends are added to persons profile they can send messages to them or view their profile, look at pictures and many other features.

People can go on facebook and update their status as often as they like. They can tell others about anything and everything they want to share. Then all their friends on their friends list get to read all these things about them, and what they are doing.
Another feature of facebook is photos. People can upload pictures from their computer or phone and put them in their profile, this allows all the people on their friends list to view these pictures. This can help people to share pictures and things with people that they may not get to see on a regular basis.

Facebook also has many different games and applications. The games can be played however often someone chooses and then their scores can be posted to their profile or wall for others to see. Some games have users working together to make things or pass levels. There is also an event area of the site where someone can go to create an even such as a party, and then they can send out the invitations to all of their friends on facebook.


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