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Community Network

WWW.facebook.au is a social networking website that offers its’ users a variety of ways to communicate with their friends. Facebook.au allows users to communicate with their friends via wall posts, which is when a person leaves a comment on another person’s profile, known as their wall. Users of the website can also communicate with their friends by sending them an email, because the website allows its’ users to send emails to other users on the website. Anybody over the age of 13 can join the website for free, just as long as they have a valid email address. Once a person is signed up they can start to search for their friends via a search box that is located right on the website.

Users are able to share many different things on the website. Users are able to create albums with photos of themselves, and then share them with their friends on Facebook by pressing the share button. Users also have the option of making their photo albums private or viewable to only certain friends. This will show off the photos to everybody on their friends’ list. Users are able to comment on other users’ photos too. Users can also share links and videos that they find interesting, such as news stories or YouTube videos.

The website allows its’ users to create groups and fan pages about almost anything they want. A person can also create a page on Facebook that is related to their business or their website, and this allows their customers to join the page and then share the page with their friends on Facebook. Users also have the option of setting up AD campaigns right on the website, and the price varies based on numerous factors such as the nature of whatever it is the person wants to advertise and how many other people are advertising the same thing.


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