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Air Canada is Canada’s national airline and carrier. It is also Canada’s biggest airline and provides scheduled flights within Canada and also to the USA. This airline also provides flight services to areas outside Canada and the USA such as Asia and Europe. This airline operates in conjunction with a smaller airline services provider in Canada, Air Canada Express to provide great and exceptional services to millions of customers every year.

Air Canada transports passengers and cargo safely to over 170 destinations located on five continents. Passenger numbers have hit the 32 million mark per year. This airline is a founding member of the star alliance. The star alliance is an alliance of international airlines that seek to co-operate in order to provide their passengers higher quality of services especially in areas where these airlines cannot operate.

The air Canada website is www.aircanada.com . At this website, passengers can view information regarding their flights as well as making a booking. When making a booking via the website aircanada.com, passengers can choose the dates and time for their flights as well as seat location. Such preferences offer passengers the convenience of booking at their convenience whilst taking advantage of the other offers available.

Air Canada offers a rewards program to its loyal customers. Passengers who choose to fly this airline can enjoy a wide variety of benefits on the loyalty rewards program. The airline also has great offers available to passengers. A good example is the offer of savings in the fall for travelers to Paris. These offers can be found and accessed on the airlines website www.aircanada.com.

Passengers can get access to reasonably priced travel insurance from the website. Travel insurance can provide travelers with great service in case of emergencies when traveling abroad, yet the cost of the insurance is much lower than the cost of the ticket. The website offers passengers an opportunity to alter, change or cancel their flight due to any number of reasons. These are also offered as an insurance cover in case the need arises.


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