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Earning flight miles is easy with www.Aeroplan.ca. They provide many partners from which the Aeroplan member can earn miles. There are banking, travel and retail partners. To accumulate miles you have several options. Convert rewards from other partner programs into miles. Buy or top up miles when you book a flight. Deposit miles after earning them from partners or retailers in coupon, card or contest piece form. Also, trade Aeroplan miles by going to a site called Points and finding someone who wants to trade miles for points that you have accumulated in another program.

The Aeroplan site offers many options for acquiring miles and shows you many ways to multiply those miles. Convert rewards from other partner programs. CIBC is a partner that allows you to convert Adventura points into miles in 10,000 point increments. American Express is also a partner that converts their points in 1,000 point increments. Conversion allows you to add miles at the last minute if needed for a trip or simply add to your accumulated miles.

Buying miles or topping-up miles can be done when booking a flight. If you're missing the required miles to earn a free flight, the booking agent will calculate how many miles are needed and you will be charged the amount necessary to buy those extra miles. All top-up cost must be paid by credit card. You can also deposit miles into your account or someone else’s account. By using miles that you have earned in partner programs, you can increase your miles. Coupons, cards and contests rewarding miles can be deposited into your account. And trading is also an option for obtaining points. If someone wants to trade their miles for points that you have in another program, those points can also be added to your account.

The site also offers shopping in the eStore, it lists the partners of the program and as well as gives you the location of various partners. The partners are varied and include drugstores, electronics stores, home and garden stores, grocery stores, gas stations, car rentals, hotels, parking facilities, banks and airports. The eStore also rewards miles when purchases are made. If you buy apparel, movies or electronics online, you earn one mile for every dollar spent.

Sign in and learn how many miles are in your account. Book flights and use your miles or buy merchandise, book activities or entertainment with your miles. Buy fashions, accessories, fragrances or luggage. The site offers ways to triple as well as quadruple miles, giving you the option of increasing the miles you've accumulated.


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