www.GetMyCard.ca is a service from capital one mastercard

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GetMyCard.ca offers customers a portal to claiming their Capital One Mastercard. Through use of the site, combined with previous contact information provided by Captial One, the user can fill out a very simple form to finish getting their new credit card. The application is secure and the form uses SSL encryption to protect the information of Capital One's clients and customers.

The form calls for a 'Reservation Number', a number given to them in a letter sent by Capital One. The number can be located near the bottom of the letter and should be separated by four hyphens beginning with '00'. This reservation number is unique to the client and used to verify they are properly authorized to access Capital One account details.

Next the user is required to enter an 'Access Code' to finalize the form. This access code is available just under the reservation number in the letter they received. The access code should six digits in length and as a safety precaution, will vary from customer to customer. Once the number is found it is use to be entered into the form unseparated by hyphens or spaces.

Once the form is properly filled out, the user may submit their application. This is done by clicking the green 'Apply Now' button directly under the form which will redirect the customer to a separate page. At the current time the website notes that application decisions can be processed and determined in as little as thirty seconds, provided the information entered is recent and accurate. Other services offered on www.GetMyCard.ca include the ability to add additional members to the credit card details by calling a toll free line and information for users who have already applied for a Capital One credit card.


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