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Do not worry about having to find the perfect gift for someone and fret over whether or not they might like it. The best gift to give is the gift of choice. The Visa Prepaid card works just like any debit or credit card. When a transaction is made, the fund is deducted from the amount available. Unlike other prepaid debit cards, there are no fees for each transaction made. Only what is paid for is deducted from the gift card balance. It is much safer than cash and without the overdraft fees of bank debit cards. Visa Prepaid card gives the option of tracking the transactions made through giftcardstore.ca/visacard to provide peace of mind.

The Visa Prepaid card can be used anywhere Visa is accepted: retail stores, grocery stores, phone orders, and even online. The convenience of using the card surpasses that of cash. There is no more fumbling with pocket change or trying to come out with the correct amount of cash. Simply swipe the Visa Prepaid card to make a purchase. To check the balance, visit giftcardstore.ca/visacard. There is no charge or fee for doing so and gives more purchasing power.

To get started with right away, follow the below steps:

1. Purchase a Prepaid card, either online or at any participating retail stores
2. Register the card at www.giftcardstore.ca/visacard.
Registering the card will allow for purchases made online, as merchants need to verify the home address
and user. It will also allow for tracking transactions made and the remaining balance.
3. Begin using the Visa Prepaid card anywhere credit cards are accepted.
For more information and see frequently asked questions, visit the website at www. giftcardstore.ca/visacard.


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