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Netflix.ca is a very great site that offers people that chance to watch any movie that they wish. They offer a free 1 month trial for new customers. Customers must actually sign up for an account before they can actually begin using their services. After the 1 month free trial, customers are subjected to instantly watch as many movies as they wish for only $7.99 a month. That saves a lot of money on renting movies and other things every single month.

People can watch as often as they like, stream instantly over the internet to their computer or TV, and even cancel anytime that they wish. There are no restrictions on anything. Anyone can easily open an account and begin enjoying all of the benefits that Netflix has to offer. One must simply log on to www.netflix.ca to get started. Netflix really is unlimited and there is no limit as to how many movies a person can watch in one day. It is totally up to the customer. It is way better than actually going out and renting, or buying movies from the store. This doesn't require anyone to get up and leave their home just to get the video that they want to see. Everything can be done right from the own comfort of one's home.

If a person has anymore further questions about how Netflix works, they can simply log on to their website, or give them a call. They have a section with FAQs that customers can view to get a better idea of how they really operate. It doesn't take much and every new customer will still be entitled to their free month trial. A credit card will still be required upon registration. This doesn't mean that the card will be charged, because it can be cancelled at any point before the trial ends, if one is not satisfied.


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