www.QuiBids.com with reviews and scam or real online

laptop dvd tv

WWW.Quibids.com is a website offering shoppers a place to bid on different items for low prices. This works by signing up and buying bid packages and then choosing the products a person wants such as HDTV's, laptops, bid vouchers and other great items. The person with the lowest bid wins and gets that item at a very low price.

Quibids is a Better Business Bureau accredited business which means it is a member of the Better Business Bureau with a good grade. They also have featured auctions and thousands of winners daily. There are games and achievements on Quibids too. The achievements are badges that will display the members skills in bidding and award them with bids. This is a great way for a member to gain experience on the site as well as to set goals and earn rewards for future bids. A member only has to choose from a list of different badges they want to win and work toward winning that badge. The games are similar to achievements. Members can play games and win bids when they win a game.

On the website there is a section titled Quibids 101 which helps explain how everything works on the site. This section will tell you how the bidding and winning works, mistakes beginners make, how to win more auctions, how Quibids protect their customers and customer testimonials. The website also has frequently asked questions, a way to contact customer support and company information. There is also a list of live auctions right on the site to show someone thinking of signing up how low the prices can get.


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