www.Rogers.ca with email login adress and contact information


The website www.rogers.ca contains information about the communications company Rogers. It allows users access to the company's wireless data and voice communication, cable, radio and television broadcasting and publishing services throughout Canada. Its various subdivisions are Rogers Wireless, Rogers Cable and Rogers Media. This website is a hub for all the services offered by Rogers and is very user-friendly. As the company and region it operates in includes a large number of French speaking customers, rogers.ca is Bilingual and languages are easily switched between using the links in the top right hand corner.

Site visitors and Rogers wireless customers can login to their accounts to view account information, pay bills and subscribe to new services. They can also see the latest offers and download add ons and apps for their cellphones. By clicking on the home phone section, users can manage the features their home phones utilize. The TV tab provides package and pricing information along with channel-by-channel listings and technical service links. Internet subscribers can check their data usage and ensure their computers are problem free with the latest virus and spyware. A fifth tab takes users to the Home Monitoring section of the site where customers can find out about the newest product line of remote monitoring systems. The final tab is a one stop shop for all technical-related questions with helpful FAQs and suggestions to get any problems quickly fixed. Contact information is also provided for direct customer service.

In addition, the site provides access to companies and business users who subscribe to Rogers' services, providing a distinction between small business, enterprises and residential facilities.


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