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Gmail.com is a free email service provided by Google. The email service offers a number of features to users. Signing up for a Gmail account is easy and free; only requiring a few details necessary for the personalization of the account. Gmail offers its users over 7.5GB of space to store emails and other forms of media. The landing page for www.gmail.com provides a clear and concise picture of what to expect when using Gmail. A sign in tab and signup tab are the main features of this page. Gmail also offers mobile access to its service through a mobile site. On successful registration of an account, gmail.com has some of the following features. There are labels that allow the segregation of different emails to different folder. The service also offers a number of themes that change the aesthetic look of the inbox profile as well as a public profile feature.

Underneath the skin, other features include settings that allow email forwarding and POP/IMAP synchronization, importation, filters, web clips, priority inbox, Buzz and an offline profile amongst other features. Gmail.com also offers live chat within the email account. This has been further augmented by the recent addition of a call phone feature that allows users to call any phone in the world from their computer.

Another feature of Gmail is the ability to roll back the profile to a previous version of Gmail. This is especially useful in situations where the internet connection is slow or the computer graphical interface dated. The archiving feature enables the user to remove their emails from their inbox without deleting them. These emails are later easily accessible by either manually searching the archives database or using the Search tab.


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