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Airtran.com is the official home website of AirTrain, an airway associated with Southwest Airlines and AirTran Holdings. AirTran is recognized as a low-cost, budget airline, is listed as a Fortune 500 company, and is known as the number one budget airline. The company employs over 9,000 flight and crew members, and flies with a fleet of Boeings. They have recently added an extremely new, fuel efficient model of the Boeing to their fleet as well.

AirTran offers a wide array of available flights, mostly within the continental United States. The company seems to mostly cater to business professionals who require flights from city to city fairly often, as they offer specials on reservations for business class seats. Although their target audience seems to be business professionals, they also offer a few exotic flights as well for vacationers, such as Aruba and Cancun. AirTrain offers many specials on their website, www.airtrain.com, including lower than usual prices for business class reservations. Although not as large as companies such as Southwest or US Airways, AirTrain offers many different available locations one can fly to. It seems to be a reputable company that may one day grow to challenge larger airlines, especially with the offers and specials they provide to their customers online.

AirTran's website offers several functions. One can make flight reservations online to ensure a seat will be available at the required time. Flight times can be viewed on the website, which allows one to check the departure time of their flight should they forget before leaving home. There is information regarding travel, such as hotels and popular sites one may enjoy traveling to. Special offers are accessible online, which are possibly oly available to those who sign up to join the website. The website even contains an online store, from which one can purchase items boasting the AirTran name and important travel items one may need while on a flight. AirTrain's website is very important for one who wishes to travel on one of their flights.


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