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Edmodo.com is a social network site that allows teachers and students to communicate outside the classroom. It allows teachers to sign up and connect their classrooms to provide extra outside learning to the student. This site can connect teachers from across the globe to discuss different teaching methods, classroom activites, and even share resources. The classroom can be a private community where the teacher and students only have access.

On a bigger scale school districts and even schools can registrar and have their own subdomain. This way students can keep up with school events, activities, or even get extra help on a class project that may be coming up. If not able to access www.edmodo.com on the web. There are apps that are downloadable to mobile phones so students and teachers can stay connected. There is also a mobile site for those phones that do not have apps, but a web browser. Some of the features includes teachers being able to create and post quizzes, grades, and assignments. Teachers can also post discussion board questions for students to repond and interact with their classmates.

This site was created in late 2008 by Nic Borg and Jeff O'Hara. They wanted to create a platform for stuents and teachers to be able to connect outside of the classroom. Due to the boom in the social media outlets with all the social networking sites available. Students now have access to a plethora of different outlets. This site was done with the outside classroom interaction in mind. It started as a small project to get local students connected, then slowly grew to 3.7 million students and teachers worldwide. The goal is to provide anytime, anyplace learning for students in the fast paced world of technology.


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