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eHarmony.com is one of the most popular online dating websites. The website is a paid service that allows members to fill out an in depth personality analysis. After, results are calculated to match members with potential mates. The website is highly successful and it has matched many people with their future spouses. There are many dating website out there, but this one allows people to get to know their match first above all.

There are many special advantages at www.eHarmony.com over other websites. This is a place where people are looking for love and not a hook up. Because it is a paid service, members are serious about finding a committed relationship. In fact, it takes several back and forth messages before members can even reveal their picture. It is on this system that people are able to get to know one another without letting looks get in the way. By the time you meet a person, you will have a decent idea of their personality and how well you will get along.

eHarmony allows people the ability to find that one person with whom they can spend the rest of their life. The idea behind this dating website is to not throw a bunch of people together in hopes that they hook up. Instead, careful attention detail allows its members to find someone they can actually love for the long term. Do not expect to come here looking for tomorrow's date. Things on eHarmony take a while to build until the long awaited meeting is finally made. However, the results speak for themselves in determining the success rate of this dating website. Many try to copy the model of the eHarmony.com, but they have not been able to perfect the personality analysis like the way it is here.