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www.myxer.com is a website devoted to ringtones, wallpaper, mp3’s and other apps for cell phones. The site is free to use and has a wealth of free items, although others do require a nominal fee to purchase the particular tone or song. Myxer.com also has a unique feature in which users can create their own tones for their phone from music they have on their computer. The homepage of the site contains the “Pick of the Day,” a “Popular Alarms and Alerts” section and “Myxer’s Favorite Apps.” The homepage also serves as a gateway to the rest of the site, which contains thousands of ringtones, apps, mp3’s, wallpaper and videos, all searchable by name, category or theme.

The top of the homepage provides links to individual categories as well as a search box. Mousing over a particular category will provide users with lists, tools and genres or categories of the media selected. At the bottom of the homepage, the same information can be found in list form, as well as information about supported phone types and carriers, a help and frequently asked questions link, and information about the company, careers, and ways to advertise on the site. There is also a link to register an account, although this is not necessary for many areas of the site.

Once a user has selected an item for download or purchase, they will enter their mobile phone number into a box on the screen. The item will be delivered via picture message, and can then be saved to the user’s phone. Tutorials and help on how to do this are readily available and easy to find on the website. The “Make Your Own” section requires users to upload a music file to the site and use the tools provided to edit the song to ringtone or alert length. The shortened song is then sent back to the user’s device. www.myxer.com provides music, video, wallpaper and apps for many different types of cell phones.


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