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Streaming music has never been this popular. With control over what we want to listen to no wonder it’s popular. While Pandora, Slacker and Blip come to mind there is one just as good but without the fanfare. It's called Jango. The website is www.jango.com.

Jango says on their website that this is free music and internet radio that plays what you want. With the variety of music and genres to choose from it makes the Jango slogan true. The homepage starts off with a music search engine asking for an artist to be typed in. Then press play. A station will appear with similar artists/music based on the artist typed in and it will automatically start playing. Click the thumbs up or thumbs down to the artist or the song. A menu pops up asking whether the song or artist shouldn't be played again. Pick one or both and then confirmation of OK will show up after. Read artist bios, listen to similar radio stations and listen to other people's stations. After a few songs or skips however Jango encourages signup.

With signup the limit on listening to music and skipping music is unlimited. Fine-tune the station by adding or taking away artists included in the station. Underneath the fine-tuning function there's a way to create another station. Near the top left side there are two tabs. Under your username you can make, edit and add pictures on the profile. Browse other profiles, send friend requests, send a thank you and edit your settings. Under the music tab check out song history, browse/find music and bookmark. Even support independent music by clicking Jango Band Central under the music tab. With the vibrant colors the website displays it makes you want to check it out. Take a look at jango.com.


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